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Capability Statement


A number of companies have entered into Native Title agreements, both ILUA and section 31 Deeds, with numerous groups related to LNG Gas Projects in both QLD and NSW. These agreements include aspirations from both the companies concerned and the Aboriginal parties to enter into real contractual opportunities within these projects. However, frustrations have emerged on both sides as difficulties have arisen with attempts to design and implement strategies for employment and contractual opportunities for Traditional Owners to participate in. The Traditional Owners are looking for self-employment whilst the companies’ wish to fully engage with the Traditional Owners in a way that also meets the aspirations of the Traditional Owners in caring for country.

Our Mission

At IAS, we specialise in helping our clients in the Oil and Gas, Mining, and Resources industries to meet their Indigenous Employment, Education and Training targets by delivering professional, quality civil contracting and project management services with a unique difference, a predominantly indigenous workforce. We are committed to working in partnership with our clients to Close the Gap with Indigenous communities by providing specialist training and qualifications leading to long-term employment opportunities for indigenous people. We are passionate about the safety of our employees and those around us, and strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations with regard to OH&S, environment, and quality.

Our Capabilities

IAS provides a range of services to our clients in the Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Mining, and Construction industries including:

  • Qualified holders of Queensland Biosecurity Unrestricted-Class Commercial Operators licence for the application of herbicides. A variety of Washdown Systems are available (refer to section 2 for details)
  • Specialist exploration drilling capacity. A variety of rigs are available (refer to section 3 for details)
  • Project OH&S Management and OH&S training
  • Safe delivery of civil construction/earthworks projects utilising a predominantly indigenous workforce
  • Pipeline construction capabilities
  • Full project management services including the provision of highly experienced personnel to manage OH&S, environment, land liaison, Cultural Heritage and construction
  • All aspects of Cultural Heritage Management including CH survey and data capture
  • Implementation of all Native Title/Cultural Heritage Agreements
  • Data Management Systems (CMS, FMS)
  • Accredited Training Packages

2) Washdown

Trailer UnitTrailer Unit
Designed and manufactured to Australian Standards and safely carries all the components required to carry out portable clean down functions. The trailer is equipped with dual axel, heavy-duty off-road springs, brakes, towing coupling etc.

The unit is 5.2 meters (unit length 3.5m + drawbar 1.7m) and the main body with is 2.3 meters (main body width 1.7m+mudguards). The total weight of the trailer and items listed below weights 1,120kg.

Water TankWater Tank
Two Water Cartage Tanks (Fibre Furn had been building tanks since 1969 and is one of Australia’s most respected fibreglass tank companies):

  • 600-litre water tank. Size: Height 870mm x Length 1200mm x Width 700mm
  • 100-litre water tank. Size: Height 500mm x Length 700mm x Width 700mm (primarily used for chemicals but can be coupled with the main tank for additional water storage).

Portable Oil/Water SeparatorPortable Oil/Water Separator
The separator has been designed for simple and quick operation. It consists of a stainless steel body with childproof cover and Clearmake vertical tube separation blocks and filter pads. The Separator is portable and is fitted with a 24-volt system to operate in conjunction with the recycling system.

Oz-Air Drum PumpOz-Air Drum Pump
The pump pulls liquid quickly, efficiently and directly into sealed drums without losing prime. It also picks up sludge, metal chops and other debris, which often clog and harm other pumps. The liquid product is safely drawn into the drum for disposal. It has no moving parts as it relies on compressed air so requires no maintenance. The pump is complete with 3 stage stainless steel perforated filter plates and Honda inline filters (5 microns) in the pipe work.

The Westair Portable Petrol Compressor (Model WP20/50) has sufficient power to easily operate the Pump. It has slow revving cast iron construction, single stage 135PSI, full engine auto idle and high volume fast recovery.

The petrol compressor option ensures longer life as the start up power required for an electric unit eventually damages the motor.

High Pressure Water CleanersHigh Pressure Water Cleaners
Spitwater High Pressure Cleaners are designed to solve problems related to washing, degreasing, descaling and disinfecting in a wide range of commercial and industrial situations. They are used predominantly in the cleaning, building, transport, manufacturing and primary industries. It is high-performance and efficient and has the following features:

  • Durable ABS cooling tank to environmentally isolate main water supply and protect the pump from overheating when machine is in by pass
  • Three ceramic plunger pump with brass head
  • Honda petrol engine with low oil guard
  • Spitwater’s exclusive tooth belt drive
  • Pressure gauge in glycerol bath
  • Detergent metering control
  • Adjustable by pass valve
  • Stainless steel inlet filter
  • Quick coupling connector for high pressure hose

Portable BundingPortable Bunding
Vehicle Wash and Spill Mats are manufactured from TARPOL, a heavy duty, PVC coated, tear stop and high tenacity woven polyester cloth. The mats are used in vehicle washing, building cleaning, vehicle servicing and chemical spill control applications. Vehicle Wash Mats are used to wash down mining, exploration and agricultural vehicles to prevent the spread of weeds and disease in parks, forests and vineyards, on building sites, to prevent wash water, mud and dirt entering the stormwater system and any washdown procedure which needs waste water capture. The Mats are manufactured to suit all applications and sizes.

3) Exploration Drilling

IAS has relationships with specialist exploration drilling teams with the followings rigs:

Rig 1 Sandvik DE810 Multipurpose rig (2008Rig 1 Sandvik DE810 Multipurpose rig (2008)
The DE810 is a powerful, space efficient multipurpose drill rig for exploration drilling. It is truck mounted and has options to cover most applications. The rig can drill Reverse Circulation, Mud Rotary and Diamond Core. Hole depths of up to 900m with coring. 

Rig 2 McCulloch DR800 MK2 Deephole Diamond Drilling rig (2009)Rig 2 McCulloch DR800 MK2 Deephole Diamond Drilling rig (2009)
The DR800 MK2 is a truck mounted rig set up for mud rotary and diamond drilling work. It employs all the latest engineering and safety features, with a large design input from drilling operators

Rig 3 Hydco Aircore Rig (Rebuilt 2007)Rig 3 Hydco Aircore Rig (Rebuilt 2007)
Mounted on a 4WD truck set up for Aircore and slim-hole RC as well as RAB drilling when required. On-board 750cfm compressor. Auxiliary compressor and booster are available as required. This rig is a small high capacity machine and has been employed across Australia with numerous Clients.

Rig 4 Alton HD 900 Diamond drilling rig (2010)Rig 4 Alton HD 900 Diamond drilling rig (2010)
Rig 4 is mounted on rubber tracks (or can be mounted in a soundproof container for specific contracts), and comes with a rubber tracked support vehicle. Compact medium capacity diamond drilling rig built for all weather difficult terrain applications with a low environmental impact footprint.

Rig 5 Atlas Copco CS1000 Diamond drilling rig (2011)Rig 5 Atlas Copco CS1000 Diamond drilling rig (2011)
Rig 5 is mounted on rubber tracks, and comes with a rubber tracked support vehicle. This is the smallest compact diamond-drilling rig though capable of drilling to 700m NQ.

Rig 6 Metzke RCD250Rig 6 Metzke RCD250
Rig 6 is a truck mounted RC rig with on-board 1100 cfm compressor. Auxiliary compressor and booster are available as required. Rig 8 is our high capacity machine and is ideal for both beep RC and Mud-rotary drilling applications.


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