What can we do?

We understand that communities and companies often agree outcomes but when it comes to implementation, it is necessary to secure support to align these outcomes and expectations with work ‘on the ground’. We can play a key role and act as a bridge between communities and companies. We can also work with all parties to ensure the necessary governance structures and process are in place.

Drawing on our experience in supporting companies across Australia, the IAS team will help you to achieve your end goals, one step at a time. Working ‘on the ground’, we will coordinate with your team and the local Aboriginal community to get the very basics right, to ensure that your agreement can work and deliver real outcomes. We can play an interface role in tackling each of the agreement’s objectives and provide a range of support services to translate these into action.

Our services include:

Meeting facilitation

  • Coordinate meetings and arrange meeting logistics
  • Facilitate meetings on behalf of companies or community groups
  • Engagement with community representatives on meeting preparedness
  • Security services

Agreement implementation

  • Supporting community representatives in planning and prioritising
  • Auditing agreements
  • Liaison with company and community on agreement implementation progress

Governance, Preparation and Compliance

  • Capacity building for compliance and strategic planning
  • Development of governance structures including Corporation governance and the membership and role of the board
  • Review of processes against corporate principles and group expectations
  • Advice on auditing and financial management
  • Liaison regarding identifying independent directors
  • Compliance plan development and training

Scheduling and Planning

  • Budgeting
  • Financial administration and general administration
  • Report writing: Incidents, JHAs, Pre-starts, Toolbox meetings, progress/update reporting
  • Project management of programs to meet company budgets and timeframes
  • Alignment of work to company goals and regulations

Cultural Heritage Support

  • Assist in delivery of Cultural Heritage Terms of Reference, Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP) and Cultural Heritage Management Strategies
  • Supervision of Cultural Heritage fieldwork
  • Project-manage Cultural Heritage fieldwork for groups and service providers, including sourcing and managing field workers
  • Ensure compliance with, and implementation of, company occupational health and safety (OHS) standards ie Health and Safety Management plans, Company OHS General Inductions, Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), Safety talks/toolbox sessions
  • Logistical support – Pre-Field checklists (Vehicle logistics, First Aid, Emergency response plans) and logistical support for service providers (travel/accommodation)
  • Ensure compliance and training of personnel including mining or pipeline certifications and inductions and completion of work readiness preparation (medicals, Fit for Work, etc)
  • Co-ordination of Cultural Heritage Monitoring with Construction requirements and schedules in timely fashion/manner

Liaison and Mentoring

  • Mentoring and support programs for community groups
  • Arrange and manage recruitment and training programs
  • Conflict resolution
  • Provision of support and training for company representatives