Who are we?

IAS operates with a core team who work on projects for clients and on secondment arrangements. In addition, IAS has a team of specialists in the legal, accounting and compliance fields who have extensive experience working with Indigenous groups and corporates. With this support, IAS can provide an extensive range of services through implementation and beyond.

Our team has extensive experience in both agreement making and implementation. We have worked with a range of corporate clients including Rio Tinto, Arrow Energy, AGL, Epic Energy and many Traditional Owner groups including Wirri, Wangan Jagalingou, Kangalou, Gangalou, PCCC, Iman, Wulli Wulli, Barrangum, Western Wakka Wakka, Mandandanji, Bidjera, Budjiti, Mardigan, Kullilli, Boonthamurra, Wonnarua and Wangkumarra in all parts of Australia.

Our unique advantage is that we understand what matters to companies and what matters to communities.

We know that companies prioritise safety above all else and want to develop programs that deliver business outcomes. Equally we know and appreciate cultural issues and work with members of the local community to ensure appropriate responses.

IAS is owned by, managed by and run by Aboriginal people committed to delivering outcomes for communities and companies. Committed to playing a bridging role to deliver outcomes.

Russell DunnRussell Dunn

  • Wiradjuri elder and member of Wiradjuri council of elders
  • Principal, Specialised Native Title Consultants (SNTC)
  • Consultant to Adelong Consolidated Gold Mines NL on Native Title and other Aboriginal issues
  • Consultant to Onslow Mineral NL on Native Title and other Aboriginal issues
  • Consultant to Australian Native Title Tribunal, Magnetic Island and Cape Upstart
  • Consultant to Great Southern Energy on Gas Pipeline, Native Title issues and other Aboriginal related issues
  • Consultant to Department of Land and Water (NSW) on Aboriginal issues
  • Consultant to Tumut, Gundagai & Tumbarumba Shires
  • Ministerial appointed to National Parks & Wildlife Service (NSW)
  • Water reform & land use issues (NSW), Greater Murray Health region on Aboriginal health
  • Liaison Officer local police & local government Aboriginal issues

Greg BlackmanGreg Blackman

Greg is a Toolooa man, descending through his traditional matriarchal lines from the Toolooa tribe, part of the Gurang peoples whose country lies between the Calliope and Boyne Rivers in the Gladstone area and extends back to Many Peaks Ranges and out to the Coral Sea and surrounding islands. Greg also has connections to Meerooni (Gurang people), Gooreng Gooreng, Nywaigi and Manbarra tribes.

For the past seven years, Greg Blackman has worked with Specialised Native Title Consultants to assist in reaching and implementing Cultural Heritage and Native Title agreements with many Traditional Owner groups on behalf of mining and gas pipeline companies.
During this time Greg has gained a range of experience in the areas of:

  • Meeting support and facilitation — chairing, logistical arrangements, preparation of agendas, reports and minutes and meeting planning
  • Management and supervision of “on the ground” activities including Terms of Reference (ToRs); Cultural Heritage Management agreements, inductions, logistical arrangement and coordination of Traditional Owner groups to complete survey and monitoring; supervision of field crews and compliance with occupational health and safety requirements (OHS)
  • Undertaking pre-work arrangements to meet company/client requirements including inductions, medicals and the like. Report writing: CH incident, OHS incident, progress and general daily reporting.

During this time Greg has worked for Rio Tinto Coal Australia (Rio Tinto operations in Eastern Australia from Hail Creek mine, Clermont Coal mine, Kestrel mine, Coal and Allied mines in Hunter valley); AGL; Epic Energy and Arrow Energy.

Greg has commenced studies on a Bachelor of Education (Adult Education) and additional vocational training and has held a range of technical, administrative and project roles with various government and community departments andorganisations. At Indigenous Agreement Solutions (IAS) Greg is the key liaison point between the teams and crews on the ground and company personnel and management.

Ronald SaltnerRonald Saltner

Ronald is a proud Aboriginal man. He as traditional heritage with both: ‘Kulilli’ and ‘Wirri’ Aboriginal groups. Ronald has over 4 years experience working with Indigenous groups throughout Queensland and New South Wales. He also has over ten years experience working with the wider community. He prides himself in his ability to listen attentively and understand your uniqueness and individuality. As soon as Ronald steps onto the job, he takes full responsibility for all his workers. Ronald is a reliable, respectful, honest person and gains the trust of his workers not only as a boss but also as a friend.


Who are we?